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Become a part of one of the fastest growing adult communities online. Dallas Shemales. I agree to ToS. Up Go Premium. These are visible to the general public. Session details are placed in "The Rest of the Story," a private section of the review visible only to Premium Access members. Premium Access is granted at staff discretion, 6 weeks credit given per review.

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Details can be found by clicking the Premium Access tab at the top of every. Go to Most Favorited Images. Most Liked Images. Find More Posts by bengay. BG, you usually have a little more to say. You are right, I usually more specific with one time experiences but with multiple visits I am afraid that my mileage may have varied enough that anything more would lead people to assume they would get the same.

New Mexico Sluts

It is more like 6" I should also add that her IOP is pretty decent. You seem fairly knowledgeable with regard to the TS ladies, so I wanted to send you and example of an ROS from a review. I have yet to have a review not be approved.

The Rest of the Story: I decided I would like a rub and tug so I texted one of the ladies I regularly see but got no response. Then I called Noelia as plan B. She sounded very feminine on the phone. She speaks okay English and can converse fairly well with a little help needed occasionally. I arrived at her apartment on time and went up. She met me at the door in a beige colored bra-like top and a black miniskirt.

I was very pleased with her appearance. In fact, I was ready for her to pop that top immediately. We talked for a minute and I headed to the shower, when I came back out, Noelia was laying on the bed still in her outfit. I laid down and she started a rather average massage. I wasn't expecting anything great so I wasn't disappointed. As she rubbed, we talked about family and vacation and other things. When she began to work on my legs, she occasional swiped the privates which I enjoyed. After a while she had me flip and almost immediately took the jewels in one hand and the boy in the other and began giving me a HJ.

She was still dressed so I asked her if she was going to lose the clothes? She smiled, jumped up and off came the top and skirt. Then she lay down next to me and we began to touch each other. Noelia has very nice C cup breasts that are firm but not hard.

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I kissed her nipples and played with her breast for a little bit then she went down on me BBBJ. I haven't seen anyone in about a month so it didn't take long for me to be at attention. I slowed her down and she turned and we started Surprisingly, she was quite firm and already had some pre-cum dangling. I took care of that as we worked on each other. I thought I was going to get her to fire, but she beat me to the end. I blew several times but she never raised up.

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She took it all and kept going until I had drained. Then she got up, went to the sink and spit out my seeds and used some mouthwash. I figured it was over, but Noelia came back to the bed and lay down beside me again. We talked as I played with her tool. I asked her if she wanted to finished and she said she probably couldn't due to taking the hormones.

Hookup Girls for Fuck in New Mexico

So I didn't try to force the issue. As we talked, I kept thinking how very attractive she was. As we finished, I was going to take a quick shower to rinse off the scent of the lotion she used during the rub but the water was off. So, I got dressed and just as I got ready to leave the water came back on. That's twice that's happen to me in my last couple of sessions.

What's with that? At least this time I did get to take a shower before the session started. Anyway, I definitely recommend Noelia. She might be a good first time visit. She has an average size uncut tool maybe 6 inches in length. I would not go thinking she will top you since she's been on hormones for about 2 years.

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I'm not saying it wouldn't happen, but it is quite likely that she won't be able to perform. If, you like a nice small ass, go get a rub and tug then bend her over and enjoy. I have never blocked you. Bengay you are exactly right on point regarding your reason for not detailing the "Rest of Story" Everybody is going to have a different story and should never once think it will play out like someone else detailed.


Some of the providers are extremely volatile and depending when you see them could be the difference between heaven and hell. Originally Posted by bengay. Thanks again for the review! Hey guys its time I reveal who I am and what my motive is, see I have become HIV positive, I dont have to visit a long list of Ts girls to try to narrow my options down on who when and why.

See Natalia Jbella or however else you may know her name from, she is my Girlfriend and has been for the past 3 yrs, I got to share a side of her that is pleasure that i honor love and cant wait to start the new day and be apart of her life, now other part of her life is the aftermath Natalia TX ts escort her clients and what it has done to her, she gets so drunk why to be able to tolerate the varity of crazinessany way I am making it known now im not judging or pretending to be better then any man that has a taste for escorts, but I always had a high regards to them because they are professionals they are on point with being safe, well I was wrong, listen so many of these girls have Aids and have no problem going BB what I dont understand is the clients willingness and desire to allow BB, because if your that special client well its you that I am looking for, you see its the love ones that ending being affected by the carelessness of people that do this.

My life isnt over but it has changed maninly becaus you wanted BB. I am truly trying to look out for the that is just wanting to discreetly entertain some areas that maybe wife cant or wont do. Please guys becareful these girls are concern for you.

Now do what how want, I think its a terrible thing to know you infected someone but yet you still go out and repeat the same behavior. Originally Posted by thetgirlman.


If you want to do right by your fellow man for real and hopefully redeem yourself then fuck all this innuendo bullshit I see nothing in his two posts that would warrant a banning Thetgirlman. Although admission of his own condition may imply, he does not directly accuse or "speculate" on Natalia's condition. There must be more to why he was banned. I noticed that under his handle it shows he posted three times but his history only shows two posts. What happened to the third post?

Local Sluts in New Mexico

In order to make an informed decision on the credibility of his posts, I would sure like to know why thetgirlman was banned. Originally Posted by oneupyouallday. Wow this is still open and unedited?

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